The Top 5 Collectible Vinyl Records

When a rare vinyl record lands in our store, we can’t help ourselves but get a little over excited. It’s what we love. So, what are some of the most rare and exciting vinyl records out there to be found?

Over the years we have seen some truly amazing vinyl in our stores and continue to hunt down the best tracks ever to have graced the turntable so that we can share them with the world. Only recently we have seen some very desirable and collectable vinyl records, The Beatles – Please Please Me and Norris Reid – Give Jah The Praises, where no sooner had we acquired them, than they were snapped up by fellow music enthusiasts and vinyl collectors alike.

If you were to be so lucky as to find a record collection lurking away in the loft, what are the most collectable vinyls to be searching for? Tighten your headphone cords and get ready to explore the top five arguably most desirable vinyl records worth adding to your collection.

  1. “The Beatles – The White Album (1st Pressing)” Ah, The Beatles! Their music has woven its way into the fabric of history. But did you know that the first pressing of “The White Album” holds a special place among collectors? Released in 1968, this double LP featured a minimalist, all-white cover. However, the early copies had a serial number stamped on the front, making each one truly unique. Scour the record fairs and charity shops, for it is said that finding a genuine first pressing is like stumbling upon a pot of musical gold!
  2. “Sex Pistols – God Save the Queen (A&M 1977 Test Pressing)” Ah, the rebellious spirit of punk rock! In 1977, the Sex Pistols shocked the world with their provocative single “God Save the Queen.” While the official release was withdrawn due to controversy, a few test pressings escaped into the wild. These rare vinyls are rumoured to be numbered and feature the A&M Records label before it decided to drop the band. If you come across one of these, consider yourself lucky and punk-ified!
  3. “David Bowie – Diamond Dogs (1st Pressing with Original Cover)” Are you ready to embrace the surreal world of David Bowie? Released in 1974, “Diamond Dogs” pushed artistic boundaries and offered a glimpse into Bowie’s ever-evolving imagination. The original cover depicted Bowie as a half-human, half-dog creature, but it was quickly replaced due to copyright concerns. Snagging a first pressing with the original cover will make your Bowie collection shine brighter than a diamond in the sky!
  4. “The Smiths – Hand in Glove (Original Rough Trade Release)” Indie darlings, The Smiths, captured hearts with their melancholic melodies and poetic lyrics. Their debut single, “Hand in Glove,” released in 1983, is a treasure for vinyl collectors. The original Rough Trade release, adorned with a unique pink sleeve, is considered a holy grail for fans of Morrissey and co. Keep your eyes peeled for this rare gem, and remember, a hand in glove is worth two in the crate!
  5. “Pink Floyd – The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (EMI Columbia Stereo)” Last but certainly not least, we dive into the psychedelic realm of Pink Floyd. Their debut album, “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” (1967), showcases the band’s experimental brilliance. While the mono version is more common, it’s the EMI Columbia Stereo pressing that piques collectors’ interests. With its vibrant label design and a unique mix, this record will transport you to the mind-bending landscapes of Syd Barrett and company.

Collecting vinyl is an exciting and rewarding hobby, and the UK is a treasure trove for finding rare and unique records. From the iconic Beatles to the rebellious Sex Pistols, the mesmerising Bowie, the poetic Smiths, and the psychedelic Pink Floyd, each record on this list has its own story and a place in music history. So, put on your record player, let the needle drop and enjoy the euphoria that only these rare vinyls can provide. Happy hunting.

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